/ˈværili/ , (n)

A collection of unique luxury fashion jewellery created by  VALERIA  D'ANNIBALE .

The meaning of VARILY:

To vary : because we always want something different,

Verily : to stay true to yourself,

Variety : because we are all unique.




VARILY is a high quality, contemporary designer jewellery collection born from the creative mind of Valeria D’Annibale.

We know that moment, when you are about to leave the house, you check your make up,

your shoes, your handbag...

but you still need that special something that makes you feel yourself...

That's when our extraordinary everyday jewelry comes to help!

The attitude behind VARILY is to enable everyone to express their unique selves by creating bold and exclusive jewellery that is modern, versatile and accessible.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom

of being and wearing whatever makes them feel unique, creative and sophisticate.

If you hate seeing someone else wearing your same outfit and love to shop from direct designers, choosing consciously what you buy...  VARILY is for You.




The concept of Clash:

a state of conflict between colors* 


In everyday life we are bombarded by an array of rules to follow: in society, in fashion, and at home.


You know those things they say don’t go together... black and blue, red and purple, pretty and smart,

family and career...


VARILY’s mission is to break these rules.



Crash the glass ceiling with a clash of colors, shapes and forms to help you express and showcase exactly who you are and feel confident in your own skin.


With artful pieces, VARILY provides everyone with the ability to express their unique selves by wearing especially crafted, socially conscious ,

high quality accessories, designed and made with Conscience and Love.



We stand by integrity, acceptance and support.

We proudly support and sustain charity foundations with periodic campaigns and donation.





Hey, it’s me! Valeria, the designer behind VARILY.

I love colors, craft beer and sunny days!

I was born and raised in a small boring village called Nettuno, in Italy in 1984.

I have been passionate about jewellery making for as long as I can remember!

At the age of 11 I used my pocket money to buy beads and make my first friendship bracelets. Since then I never stopped playing around with wearables.


My passion drove me to learn the traditional way of jewellery making and goldsmith manufacture, taking advantage of the great art scene in Italy.


But the boring village was still too small and tight for my creative needs so in 2011 I moved to Australia where I completed a jewellery design diploma in Sydney.

In 2015 I signed up for two full time 24/7 permanent jobs:

a jewellery brand of my own and Motherhood.

My jewellery has always been ‘my baby’, but when my real baby came along things shifted a bit.

The passion I always put into my creative life grew and grew, and my will to make it a ‘real job’ was impossible to ignore.

At the end of 2015 I quit my day job and dove 100% into my brand.


In 2017 I made the toughest decision to leave Australia and move errandly in Europe to find a nest.

I left my heart in Sydney but found a home in The Hague.

In 2018 I moved to Holland with my young family, where we currently live and work.



The Fusion between innovative technology,

conceptual inspiration and ancient techniques makes VARILY jewels unique pieces of wearable art.


Every piece has a defined concept and inspiration that reflects on the design.

Did you know that the Vertigo ring’s elements follow the numeric sequence of the golden ratio? Or that the petals of the Dahlia brooch rotate by 135 degrees which is a number often found in Nature?

Once the idea is defined, the hand sketches are transferred to the computer where they are

edited and modeled on a 3D software. When the file is ready, it is sent to print.

We use industrial 3D printers that engage in SLS

(a laser melts a bed of fine nylon powder to create the objects). The pieces come out of the printing process white and rough. All the post-production is done by hand.

The pieces are smoothed and refined by hand, then individually hand dipped into hypoallergenic pigments especially mixed in house to achieve the most vibrant colors (often inspired by Pantone).

Everything is then coated with a waterproof and

UV proof sealant.


Each and every VARILY jewel is an original waterproof and lightweight design.


The materials used: strong and flexible nylon plastic - hypoallergenic precious metal (silver)

Techniques: 3D printing, traditional goldsmithing, hand dip dye

We strive for a better and more sustainable life and are committed to a lighter footprint. Our process creates nearly zero waste, everything is designed and locally

made in Holland (with small exceptions for Italy), our promotion material is 100% recyclable and sustainable.


5 stars sellers on google review


Including galleries, boutiques, concept stores and more

EST. 2015

Established in 2015 in Sydney


100s of international customers

650+ RINGS

More than 650+ Vertigo rings sold


Sold directly in 3 continents and 7 countries


International Audience


Participated in selective international shows



From 2015 the brand was named after the designer: Valeria D’Annibale Jewellery.

In 2019 , following a need to explain the values and beliefs that push me to create, VARILY was launched.

Even though I am a ‘one woman show’ I like to refer to the brand as “us”.

And I want to take a moment to thank the numerous beautiful souls that have helped me to get where I am today, friends, family and all the amazing customers that believed in my growing brand.

My now 94 year old nonna (grandmother) that, although being very revolutionary, taught me all the fashion rules I now want to break (sorry nonna!).

Alesia’ for the great photos, Daniela for the help in writing, Sara for the patience and Miriam for the graphic work!


Manufacture & Design

Jewellery & Object Design Diploma

Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design, Enmore Design Centre, Tafe NSW, Sydney
( Australia)



Goldsmith and manufacture certificate with the aim of designing museum merchandise such as jewellery and accessories. Total duration of 600 hours, held at Lapis Onlus Association of Rome, and co-funded by the European Social Fund.


Goldsmith manufacture private classes: 

- lapidary

- wax carving

- construction

- stone setting


Rome (Italy)

Certificate in Graphic and Web Design, PcAcademy Institute, Roma (Italy)

Graphic & Web Design

EAP, English for Academic Purposes , Greenwhich College, Sydney (Australia)


High school diploma in Sciences (Institute “Innocenzo XII”, Anzio, Roma)

Science diploma