As a little girl I used to be very curious.

Like many children, I wanted to know how all the things work, and why.

Most of all I was inpatient, I couldn't wait for things to happen just as they were supposed, naturally.


The concept of time was just relative.

For me if there was a way for something to happen, then it couldn't also need time.Sometime the price of my curiosity destroyed the object itself.

No matter if time would tell me the answers, I had to figure them out, right now.


I use to kill my time staring at flowers. I convinced myself that I was good at growing plants. I would look after them, water and feed them, see them growing until that moment..the moment when they blossom.


It was a real torture for the little girl I was. I remember looking at those juicy pods, so anxious and excited. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach.

I remember witnessing the pods getting bigger and round.I remember counting the days, the hours, the minutes. And then, at some point, without a reason, squeezing the juicy pod between my fingers until it popped.

Only one, I would tell my self, only one.And then another one, and one more, and another.

All I wanted was to know what color the petals would have been. At the price of killing them and never get to see the flower.

I was perfectly conscious of the beautiful mechanism hidden in the pod. I knew, perfectly, that this flower was just exactly like

an egg, a cocoon, a chrysalis.

I knew that the function those vessels had, was going to end, for good, between my fingers.


Yet my curiosity was stronger and I couldn't say no.

I also still remember the feeling of guild that  penetrating my heart as soon as my little fingers were dirty. I remember that colorful liquid staining my finger-tips like blood, and the sense of murder.

And yet, with teary eyes, I was to pop another pod.


The Bloom Series is a collection of botanical jewels inspired by childhood memories.Every pieces is a fusion of hand made silver and 3D printed nylon, combining traditional wax carving techniques with innovative technology.

Every pod and flower hides unexpected features inside, sometimes there are spikes, sometimes finger-like tentacles, sometimes just an empty vessel.

The flowers are hand dyed in vibrant hues, in contrast with the oxidized silver branch.

This is a limited edition, custom made series. Please get in contact for purchases and prices.

Bloom series of designer jewellery
Bloom floral jewellery made of oxidised silver and 3D printed nylon
Macro 3D printed flower on silver necklace