All you need to know about your new jewellery!

What is it made out?

The majority of our exclusive jewellery is made out of Nylon. Nylon is a special type of innovative plastic which is strong and resistant. It is flexible, so it does not break, crack or chip. It is shock resistant and waterproof and hypoallergenic. Perfect for those allergic to metals

How is it made?

All Valeria D'Annibale Jewellery's accessories are 3D printed. They're made using laser-3D printers which make them strong and detailed. I design the product and prepare the file for the printer using a 3D modelling software. I then send the file to print. The objects come out of the printer white and rough. The pieces ate hand finished and individually dip dyed to make unique and artful pieces of jewellery

Are they fragile?

NO! Nylon is a very resilient material and it won't break by daily use. It makes our unique jewelry strong and wearable.
They feel extremely light but they are surprisingly strong.

How to care

Love your new contemporary fashion jewellery and want it to live forever? Follow these steps:

- take it off for bathing, swimming and washing your hands

- if it gets dusty just soak it in warm soapy water for 10-15 seconds and pad-dry.

Will the color fade / stain?

No! The pieces are dyed by hand using fabric pigments( a-toxic and an-allergic). They are dip-dyed into boiling pigment, then in a fixative solution to fix the color and stop it from running. They are then waterproofed using a special sealant. They are sun proof up to 4-5 weeks of direct sunlight.

Can they get wet?

Yes, they can get wet, they are waterproof. But as every piece of jewellery, better take them off while washing your hands, they can get dirty overtime. Golden rule: jewellery is the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off. If they get dirty they can be cleaned by soaking them in warm soapy water for few minutes and pat dry.

Allergy Issues

The earring hooks are made out of sterling silver, which is an-allergic (they won't give any allergic reaction, irritation or infection). All the metal work is made in Italy and Holland and the findings are made in Australia or Italy. We can so guarantee that the alloys are excellent quality and will not trigger allergic reaction.

Nylon pieces are very safe, made from polyamide and dyed with a-toxic, an-allergic fabric pigments.

VARILY is proud to be a hypoallergenic jewellery brand

Are square rings comfortable?

Our Vertigo cocktail rings have unique squared shanks. Square rings are very comfortable when the size is right. When the size is exact the corners sit between fingers and they are seem-less. These exclusive rings are very light weight which makes them very comfortable and wearable for anyone. Squared rings are a good fit for people with larger knuckles or enlarged bones.


Can we customize jewels?

Yes! Every VARILY piece is fully customizable in color and shades. We can offer specific ring sizes.

For custom order we will use the same pigments and shades but differences will occur, but that's the beauty of owning a one-off pieces.

Do we do wholesale?

Yes! We offer wholesale, B to B, sale representative and distribution opportunities. Please get in touch here for more info and price lists.





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