Beauty Freebies <3

An extra moment for yourself.. and it's on us!

Place an order for €75 of more, and choose one of these freebies!

How often do you wish you could sit back and relax, enjoying a little treat and energising yourself?

If you are anything like me, indulging in something new is not something you do everyday. And that's why when you do it, and you choose a exclusive jewel from VARILY, I want to make sure you truly enjoy feeling at your best when you wear it.

That's why I have decided to add some cute beauty tools to your orders, so that you can sit back and relax... and enjoy looking beautiful in your new earrings (or ring, or necklace, or bracelet...OR all the above!)


This is such a tool, every woman should have! All internet is talking about Jade rollers now!

It is a massage roller for facial massage, made out of genuine Jade stone, will make your skin radiant! It is fun to use, giving a refreshing feeling (especially if kept in the fridge).


These are resin tools for facial massage. Although Gua Sha is a discipline and very complex, you can follow these simple instructions for a relaxing beauty massage.


These mini roller bottles are filled with crystals, even the roller ball is made of natural stone!

Not only they are super cute, but you can fill them up with your favourite essential oil blends and carry them with you!

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Place an order for € 75 or more, at check out pick your gift! Sit back and relax <3