Love yourself with Essential oils Blends

Combine the power of natural crystals with essential oils.

At VARILY we are big supporters of self-love and self-care. We think that celebrating milestones, not only is a way to embrace yourself, it is the only way to survive social pressure!

At times we need to carve a little moment to ourselves during the day. Sometime is to reset our energy, sometime is to release a heavy head, sometime is just to give a happy twist to the day.

Crystals are a great way to add a vibe to your day and outfit, but if you need a boost.. we have what you need!

Crystal roller bottles!

These mini roller bottles are filled with crystals, even the roller ball is made of natural stone!

Not only they are super cute, but you can fill them up with your favourite essential oil blends and carry them with you!

We tried and absolutely fell in love with this treat. It feels so special and a little magical too!

(It definitely awoke the little witch inside me).

They look super cute, they smell delicious, they are a treat you can access any time of the day.... and they make you feel so special while using them!

Here is all you need:

Essential oils are scientifically proven to have positive effects on the body and mind.

The concentration of the oil should change for young babies and elderly, you can find some more info here.

Here are some recipes we are in love with at the moment:


- 4 drops lavender oil

- 4 drops orange oil

- 4 drops ylang ylang oil

This blend smells delicious and re-tunes your energy to a happy mood.


- 4 drops lavender oil

- 4 drops peppermint oil

This is a bliss blend especially for computer headache


- 4 drops orange oil

- 4 drops peppermint oil

This is a focus booster and revitaliser.

Pretty awesome, right?!

Well the best part is yet to come...

If you treat yourself with a new piece of VARILY jewelry this month, we treat you with a Natural Crystal Roller!

We love them so much, and we want you to remember to care for yourself... so we are sharing this cute treat with you!

Place an order for €79 or over, and you will receive a cute little roller to fill with essential oils (or perfume, or lip gloss...)