Enchanting green and purple fluorite drop amulet with silver findings. 

Fluorite is a naturally multicolored stones, this crystals shows vivid purple bands interlocking with aqua green areas.

Fluorite is a stone of balance and intuition, believed to protect against the negative influence of electromagnetic waves.


This minimal pendant is tiny and minimalistic,perfect to be layered on with silver charms or other crystal drops (see our suggestion in the photos).



This romantic boho-chic charm features a beautiful drop of Fluorite. This stone is characterise by bands of purple and green colours.

Due to its quality and colour, this crystal is graded A+.


Flurorite is a stabilizing stone, improving intuition, balance and harmony.

Fluorite is believed to have positive effects on computer and electromagnetic stress.

Birthstone of the months of Aprile and May, star signs of Taurus and Pisces.


Care: Warm, soapy water is a safe method for cleaning crystals.

Fluorite is fragile and can cheap or break if dropped, due to its internal structure.


This charm is made out of a special tarnish-resistant sterling silver. This special silver will not tarnish as easily as the normal sterling silver. They are highly polished by hand.


Very simple minimalist design can be stack and match in different metal. Romantic and delicate.



***This listing include:

- one crystal drop pendant


***This listing doesn't include a chain, or other charms.

Photos are for reference only.


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Amulet - Fluorite drop

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    Warm, soapy water is always a safe method for cleaning crystals.Fluorite is fragile and can cheap or break if dropped, due to its internal structure.


    Keep your glossy silver jewelry in a air-tide bag or a small box when not earing to avoid oxidization and tarnish. If tarnished use our gift cloth to gently wipe your pieces.