There isn't an accessory more romantic and sophisticated than a brooch. This one is inspired by Dahlia flowers and is a fusion of flower romance, ethnic mandala and geometry principles.

Wear it in winter as lapel pin on your coat, blazer, sweater, shawl and even hat; in summer lon your straw hat, silk top and flare dress!


This brooch is made out of 3d printed nylon with stainless steel pin. The vibrant colors are achieved by hand dipping the pieces in hypoallergenic pigments, which are then sealed and waterproof, leaving a lovely smooth and matte finish.


This design is organic and geometrical, have a taste of modern contemporary style while revisiting more traditional and romantic shapes. It is inspired by tropical Dahlia flowers and is part of the Rainforest Series.



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4.5 cm diameter


Dahlia brooch - blue

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Colour: blue
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  • This is a unique 3D printed and hand-dyed item. 

    Just like you polish your silver jewellery, sometimes you may need to refresh your nylon accessories.

    • SOAK in warm soapy water for 1 minute
    • PAT DRY with a clean cloth
    • REMOVE your jewellery when washing hands

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