NEW colors for these enchanting foral hoops!

We added a romantic Living Coral, a delicious Fuchsia and a cool Royal Blue.


These very romantic, yet edgy earrings are inspired my Dahlia flowers. The repetion of elements mimics the sequence and angle that the dahlia's petal follow. They fasten to your ears securely through a sterling silver hook and loop.

They are surprising light and comfortable.


These earrings are made out of 3d printed nylon with sterling silver hooks.


This statement earrings are organic and geometrical, have a taste of modern contemporary style while revisiting more traditional and romantic shapes. They are inspired my tropical Dahlia flowers and are part of the Rainforest Series.


The shape of these earrings is particularly fluttering for oval, square and rectangular face shapes.


Check the other colors of these earrings here.



earring 4.5cm diameter


Fancy a match? Find the Dahlia Brooch here.

Dahlia earrings - SS






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