LEAF Earrings  XL

LEAF Earrings XL

The EXTRA LARGE version of the LEAF earrings, they are bigger and bolder and come in gradient colours.


These very feminine earrings are oversize and weightless. Inspired by orchid petals and parrots feathers, they will make you feel submerged onto the tropical jungle. Summer inspired style that would warm up even the coldest winter days.


This extra large version comes in 4 color variation, from a tropical yellow & fuchsia, to a romantic rose & pink, a statement yellow & green, and aqua & blue like the Ocean.


The contemporary design will add sophistication to a basic outfit, or enhance a fancy dress for a special occasion. The design and colors are surely a show stopper.


These earrings are made out of 3d printed nylon with sterling silver hooks. Nylon is a very light and resilient material making this oversize earrings very lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear. The hooks are handmade in sterling silver. The vibrant colors are achieved by hand dipping the pieces in hypoallergenic pigments, which are then sealed and waterproofed, to a lovely smooth and matte finish. Every earring is different and unique!


These exclusive statement earrings combine geometric triangular cut outs with curvy and sensual forms, have a taste of modern contemporary style and will make you stand out.


These gorgeous long dangle earrings are part of the Rainforest Series.


The design of these earrings is particularly suitable for those with an oval, round, rectangular and heart face shape.


These design come in a smaller version, check it out here.



earring length 10.5 cm

earring weight 2 gr/each

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