Optical geometry long beaded necklace in pastels and midtone colours. These contemporary style beads are 3D printed in lightweight nylon plastic and individually hand dyed in bright and pastel colours. The modern design plastic element are waterproof so they are a perfect match for your white tops.


HOT TIP: Wear this long necklace as is, or wrapped twice around your neck for a sexy and edgy look.


This tincup style necklace features pastel colour as Aqua, Lilac, Plum, Coral pink and Dark teal.


Check out a pastel and mid-tones version of this necklace here.

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**This designer necklace is made 100% of nylon, perfect for someone with allergy to metal.**

Total length: 100cm - 40inches

OPTICAL - Long necklace- Pastel colours

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  • This is a unique 3D printed and hand-dyed item. 

    Just like you polish your silver jewellery, sometimes you may need to refresh your nylon accessories.

    • SOAK in warm soapy water for 1 minute
    • PAT DRY with a clean cloth
    • REMOVE your jewellery when washing hands

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