This little needle pin brooch is perfect for anyone who enjoys minimalistic design, embellishing any outfit to edgy status.

Wear it on your garment, jacket and scarf in winter or hats and bags in summer.

It's simple design makes it unisex and perfect for any style lover.Perfect gift for your groomsmen.


HOT TIP: try it as hair accessory!


Tangerine is an intense shade of orange, an energetic hue that helps connect with your inner child.

Wear orange jewelry when you need a boost of optimism, warmth and fun!




Nylon, stainless steel



Length: 9 cm,

cylinder: 7 mm diameter.

OPTICAL - pin brooch - Tangerine orange

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Colour: tangerine
  • Ships within 48 hours. 

    Returns and exchanges available within 14 days of delivery.

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  • This is a unique 3D printed and hand-dyed item. 

    Just like you polish your silver jewellery, sometimes you may need to refresh your nylon accessories.

    • SOAK in warm soapy water for 1 minute
    • PAT DRY with a clean cloth
    • REMOVE your jewellery when washing hands

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