Iconic statement ring with bold and vibrant colours.

The round shapes give this ring a very minimal and vintage look, while resembling the emblematic spiral lines.


Made 100% out of nylon this cocktail ring is perfect for people with metal allergy.

The vertigo rings are light, waterproof, resilient and come in 4 sizes.



The Vertigo rings are made of 3D printed nylon, a lightweight but resilient material which is resistant to shocks and pressure.

The items are dyed in hypoallergenic pigments by hand and made waterproof and UVproof

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The Vertigo series is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, the Golden Ratio and their application to architecture and landscapes. Perfect for lovers of big rings and bold colours.


Round ring - Fuchsia & purple

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  • Ships within 48 hours. 

    Returns and exchanges available within 14 days of delivery.

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  • This is a unique 3D printed and hand-dyed item. 

    Just like you polish your silver jewellery, sometimes you may need to refresh your nylon accessories.

    • SOAK in warm soapy water for 1 minute
    • PAT DRY with a clean cloth
    • REMOVE your jewellery when washing hands

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