Modern and sleek stud earrings with modern petal design in elegant black colour.

Inspired by flower pods and plant seeds, these minimalistic studs will add a pop of colour to your day.

They are very light and versatile for everyday / office style.


Especially fluttering for those with oval, round, square, rectangular and heart face shape!


HOT TIP: these small earrings are perfect to wear with glasses

Due to their bright colors, light weight and hypoallergenic sterling silver posts, these studs are perfect for girls who just pierced their ears!


These earrings are made out of 3d printed nylon with sterling silver hooks. Nylon is a very light and resilient material making this oversize earrings very lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear.

The vibrant colors are achieved by hand dipping the pieces in hypoallergenic pigments, which are then sealed and waterproofed, to a lovely smooth and matte finish.

Every earring is different and unique!

Learn more about the material and process.


The Seeds earrings are part of the Rainforest serie.

These must-have studs combine romantic floral shapes, minimal edgy lines and a variety of exotic colors.

SEEDS earrings - black

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Colour: black
  • Ships within 48 hours. 

    Returns and exchanges available within 14 days of delivery.

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  • This is a unique 3D printed and hand-dyed item. 

    Just like you polish your silver jewellery, sometimes you may need to refresh your nylon accessories.

    • SOAK in warm soapy water for 1 minute
    • PAT DRY with a clean cloth
    • REMOVE your jewellery when washing hands

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