Romantic amethyst pendant with geometric silver shape. Versatile and minimal, this short delicate necklace is the perfect accessory for your daily look. Featuring a petal briolet amethyst drop in light lilac purple.


Wear it with your office outfit like a little magic amulet, or layer it with different silver chains for a boho look.


Inspired by sacred geometry and the power of crystals.

Adjustable in length, this choker's minimum length is 35cm and the maximum length is 40cm. 



This delicate choker necklace features an exclusive petal shaped briolet cut amethyst drop in a lovely lilac colour. This stone is graded quality A+  and have a unique cute and intense pastel colour.

Amethyst is believed to be a protective stone, calming the mind and spirit. It enhances spirituality and intuition. Ancient Romans used amethyst crystal to fight hangover and negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Amethyst was used in the Kabbalah as a base stone on which to write the name of God.


A mythical legend explains that Amethyst was a nymph of the woods of which Bacchus, the god of wine, had invaded; but the girl, in order to escape the disgusting courtship, turned to Diana, which turned her into a clear crystal. Fluttered, Bacchus poured over his cup full of wine, giving him a delicate violet colour, along with the power to protect him from the inebriating effects of the drink.


This short necklace is made out of a special tarnish-resistant sterling silver. This special silver will not tarnish as easily as the normal sterling silver. They are highly polished by hand.


Very simple minimalist design can be stack and match in different metal. Romantic and delicate.


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Vertigo mini choker - Amethyst petal

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Colour: lilac
Finish: polished silver
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    The most simple way to care for Amethyst crystals is warm soapy water. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to intense sunlight.


    Keep your glossy silver jewelry in a air-tide bag or a small box when not wearing to avoid oxidization and tarnish. If tarnished use our gift cloth to gently wipe your pieces.