Vertigo mini choker - Ametrine

Exoteric oxidised silver pendant with a gorgeous briolet drop Ametrine crystal. Combining your romantic and dark sides together, this choker necklace is a magical addition to your collection. Ametrine is a combination of amethys and citrine, a powerful crystal with mesmerizing look.


Inspired by sacred geometry and the power of crystals.

Adjustable in length, this choker's minimum length is 35cm and the maximum length is 40cm. 



This delicate choker necklace features an exclusive briolette drop ametrine drop. This exclusive stone is graded quality A- and have a unique cute and intense purple and golden yellow colour.

Ametrine is combination of amethys and citrine, both quartz, in the same crystal. Its fromation gives this stone the grounding quality of citrine and the spiritual properties of amethyst. tAmetrine is believe to help make important decisions based on spiritual values.

For its uniqueness, this stone has always been perceived as precious and exclusive.

Birthstone of Libra and Pisces, Ametrine can be fragile and prone to flaking. Avoid wearing it as a bracelet charm, handle with care.


These jewels are made out of oxidised sterling silver. The black is achieved by the use of a patina. Oxisided silver can naturally polish itself by constant wear, returning to a glossy and bright color. To avoid this result just take your jewelry off between wears and keep it in plain air (not in a box or bag).


Very simple minimalist design can be stack and match in different metal. Romantic and delicate.


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