Carnelian - Vertigo mini necklace

Fine and minimal lariat style necklace featuring a small pentagon and a long crystal drop on fine sterling silver chain. The large Carnelian drop gives this long choker an exoteric twist, focusing on the power and beauty of natural stones. These deep orange stone has some beautiful dark red inclusions, making it very unique.


Sophisticate and romantic, this necklace is perfect by itself for an everyday modern style, and works wonders layered with one of the Vertigo Mini charm for a bohemian style.

You can mix and match differet finishes and metals for a great layering effect


The mini vertigo pendant is part of a series of cute simple stack-able rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. You can find them in different silver finishing and different metals.
These necklaces are designed with a 3D modelling software and finished by hand.
There are different designs and 2 different finishes that you can mix and match and even stack together!

Length of the chain is adjustable, but can be customized.



This romantic boho-chic necklace features a beatiful long drop of carnelian. This beautiful stone is graded A+ for the color and very cute drop cut.


Carnelian is the stone of creativity, confidence and passion.

Carnelian is believe to improve love relationships, motivation and courage.

In ancient Egypt carnelian was called 'the setting sun' due to its firey color.


Birthstone of thse born in the months of March and April, start sign Aries


Care: Warm, soapy water is always a safe method for cleaning crystals. Carnelian is a strong stone.


These jewels are made out of a special tarnish-resistant sterling silver. This special silver will not tarnish as easily as the normal sterling silver. They are highly polished by hand.


Very simple minimalist design can be stack and match in different metal. Romantic and delicate.


Total length ~68cm (not including the pendant)

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Returns and exchanges available within 14 days of delivery.

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Colour: tangerine
Finish: polished silver


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