These simple dangle earrings are colorful, asymmetrical and contemporary, they are perfect to add a pop of color to a simple outfit.


These stylish drop earrings have a sterling silver hook and a 3D printed nylon part featuring an irregular pentagon.

The interchangeable earrings feature an easy slide-on /slide-off mechanism to enable the wearer to mix and match the colours. Available in 14 colors!

Easy and chic, these are your staple earrings!


The nylon part is 3D printed, then finished and dyed by hand, it's light weighted and very strong. Nylon is a very light and resilient material making this dangle earrings very lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear. The radiant colors are achieved by hand dipping the pieces in hypoallergenic pigments, which are then sealed and waterproofed, to a lovely smooth and matte finish.


Hard to choose between all these colors? Not to worry!

These beautiful earrings also come in two colour set of your choice, you can pick between perforated and non-perforated design.


The Vertigo series is inspired by the Fibonacci's spiral, the Golden Ratio and their application to architecture and landscapes.

These earrings are great for those with stretched earlobes, due to their very light weight!


Fancy a match? Check out our Vertigo ring ad Vertigo necklace!


** This listing includes:

- one pair of silver hooks

- 1 colour choices of your favourite design

VIP Interchangeable earrings

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