Inspired by the most romantic city: Paris! These twin rings are a special edition of the iconic Vertigo ring.

Featuring pastel colours, rose gold and silver leaf, they resemble macaroons and french patisserie.

These rings are made of 3D printed nylon, a lightweight but resilient material which is resistant to shocks and pressure.

The items are dyed by hand in hypoallergenic pigments and made waterproof and UVproof. Then a very thin silver or gold leaf is applied on the surface.


The Parisienne rings are light, waterproof, strong and flexible. The squared shank is surprisingly comfortable and very stylish

The vertigo series is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, the Golden Ratio and their application to architecture and landscapes.


These rings come in 5 sizes : XS, S , M , L, XL (if you need help to find your size please get in touch, I'm always happy to help).


These rings are a fusion between architectural and romantic, wear them with a vintage skirt, or a modern cut dress  for a stricking and fresh vibe.


If you like a more minimal approach, check out this version of the vertigo ring here.

VIP Parisienne - Vertigo ring

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