Infinity sterling silver ring with a custer of small pentagons all around.

Full crown simple ring featuring a geometric style, a row of pentagons form a pattern all around, making this ring a romantic statement with a rock and vintage taste.


The mini vertigo ring is part of a series of cute, simple and stack-able rings in different silver finishing and different designs.
These geometric rings are designed with a 3D modelling software and finished by hand.
There are 4 different designs and 2 different finishes that you can mix and match and even stack together!

Less is more! 


These rings are made out of oxidized sterling silver. The black is achieved by the use of a patina. They won't change their color by wear.


These rings are made out of a special tarnish-resistant sterling silver. This special silver will not tarnish as easily as the normal sterling silver. If worn everyday it will still take a few months/years  to get dull. Once it tarnish it can be polished with a soft polishing cloth. They are highly polished by hand.



These rings are can have a very minimalistic approach if worn singularly, and work magic if you stack a few designs together, even n different colors! 

For a funky look try one as a midi ring!


Fancy a match? checl out the studs, necklaces and bracelet to match with these cute rings! 


The size of this ring is customisable! We are happy to resize and remake them for you! If you don't see your size available just add it in the comments!

VIP Veretta infinity ring- Vertigo mini

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