“No object is so ugly that, under certain conditions . . . it will not look beautiful; no object is so beautiful that,under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.”1


Beauty is only a contextual evaluation of things, a reflection of the state of the observer's mind,

not an intrinsic quality. Often things appear alluring and attractive, but it is only after a second look that one feels repulsive, disgusted, terrified.

In different cases, it is only after a second look that disturbing things reveal their appealing essence.

Many of those examples can be found in nature: butterflies with their glamorous wings but horrifying heads, creepy caterpillars with painted looking skin, virus and bacteria with stoning geometrical micro-structure.

The Rainforest Series is a collection of high quality luxury fashion jewellery inspired by leaves,flowers and carnivorous plants living in tropical areas.

Their first impression is eery and far from the common idea of beautiful.

Their shapes resemble monsters' mouths and fangs and creepy fingers, yet they display the most amusing and sensual colour combinations.

The Rainforest neck-pieces and earrings have been modelled through the use of rapid prototyping. They are made out 3D printed nylon which is then dyed individually by hand using traditional dying techniques. This process preserves the uniqueness of these one-off pieces.

1-” Lecture to art at the Royal Academy”, O.Wilde,page 129,uncollected, 1883,retrieved from “Oscar Wilde, the works of a conformist rebel”, N. Kohl, Cambridge, 2011