There are recurrent shapes and iconic lines that lay the basics of many natural and man-made structures.

Some of these elements have fascinated humans since caves eras and still appear appealing to humankind. As circles, triangles and squares, the lines of the spiral is one of the more influencing of all times.

The Vertigo Series is a collection of contemporary designer jewellery based on the logarithmic spiral. The design of the Vertigo rings follows the Fibonacci's golden ratio,exploring elementary shapes (circles, squares and pentagons), symmetry and asymmetry.


The design evolves from simple shapes to more sophisticated lines where the geometrical elements meet organic feels.


The Vertigo Series features a strong architectural feel, finding inspiration in iconic urban places as Federation Square in Melbourne and the Louvre in Paris.

The items of the Vertigo collection have been modelled through the use of rapid prototyping, 3D printed in nylon and hand dyed individually using traditional dying techniques.